Meet Julia Posey, Self-Help Group Coordinator/Recruiter

Julia Posey was raised in a family with builders and developers and has a degree from Georgia State in English and Speech Communications. She’s had a professional stint in real estate and as an appraiser, as well as in business management in the healthcare industry. A desire for meaningful work and a move to Western North Carolina led her to Mountain Projects.

“I want to try to find suitable, affordable housing for as many people as I possibly can,” she says. “Now I have the chance to work with families who are building homes, and to help people find resources for housing programs that meet their needs.”

Posey adds, “at one time, I was a single mom who had a hard time finding affordable housing. Instead of discouraging me, it gave me a purpose that I have not been able to shake. Helping others find affordable housing is not just a passion, it is a calling.”


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