SMHP (Affordable Housing Division of Mountain Projects, Inc.)

SMHP overall goal is to advocate for the general welfare of the residents of Haywood and Jackson counties in Western North Carolina. SMHP currently maintains offices in Sylva and Waynesville. Through our Board of Directors of 18 members, we strive to represent all aspects of the local population. Our board consists of members from low-income target area communities, representatives from other organizations that serve locally, and elected officials from both Haywood and Jackson counties.

Together we develop and implement comprehensive programs that benefit the welfare of eligible families and individuals. Our programs are designed to improve the economic, social, educational, health, emotional, and environmental aspects of others’ lives. To gain insight into those who are living in disadvantaged situations, we involve them in planning our outreach programs to meet the needs of our community. Every three years, we survey our communities’ public opinion on what the current needs are and for suggested services we can create to meet them. At this time, Mountain Projects is operating from 32 grants that fund our 21 advocacy programs.

Since we were charted in 1965 as a non-profit agency, under President Johnson’s War on Poverty, we have been successful. However, we continue to develop and organize a range of new services related to our region’s unique needs. SMHP touches more than 7,000 lives every month, and of those we serve, 97% of them are the disabled, poverty-stricken laborers, handicapped, and the elderly. Our first program was Medicare Alert, followed by the Neighborhood Youth Corps and our Head Start child development program.

The SMHP division is advocating to generate workforce housing opportunities for residents who qualify for our services. Over the next few years, we are embarking on creating micro-homes and family dwellings. These homes will enable many families and individuals to improve their overall sense of wellbeing in a safe environment. If you would like to become involved in our effort, you can by visiting our support page.