Legacy Donors


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Legacy Donors

What will your legacy be?  What will your story be?  Are you interested in helping us fulfill our mission to make housing within reach of everyone?

If so, please join a special group of individuals who have pledged to help alleviate the lack of affordable housing in Haywood and Jackson counties.  We call this group of individuals Legacy Donors.  This group of donors will receive semi-annual reports on the progress made with our affordable housing program and an annual get-together to celebrate our successes.

If you are interested in joining this group, please call Patsy Davis at 828-452-1447 or pdavis@mountainprojects.org

Legacy Sponsors

Gradison Foundation: Cari and Bill Gradison

Ann and Ray Todd

Judy and Bucky Dykes

David and Laura Willis

Geri and Don McGowan

Patsy and Lee Davis

McGowan Family Foundation: Ray and Sonia McGowan

Richard & Karen Bates

Mountain Projects Auxiliary

Pat and Hazel Mathes

Joe Sam and Dr. Kate Queen

Building Hope

David and Denise Matthys

Richard and Rhonda Gerber


Steve and Sue Foreman

John C. Harmon Family Foundation