The First 55 Years

Mountain Projects has an inspiring 55-year history of touching lives in Western North Carolina’s Haywood and Jackson counties.

 It is the belief of Mountain Projects that each elderly client, disabled client, and family in need deserves a safe physical environment to occupy. The agency has several programs to assist those who qualify in achieving the American Dream of homeownership. These established programs provide support by renovating current homes, rental assistance, and providing heat during winter months.

Mountain Projects has been helping keep homes warm since 1984 through the Weatherization and Heating Assistance programs. The cold winter months can be especially dangerous if children or the elderly suffer prolonged exposure, and these programs passionately strive to supply everyone in need with heat.

In the early 2000’s, Mountain Projects was awarded a grant for self-help housing. They have since partnered with families who provide sweat equity, building 51 homes in our community. Mountain Projects was an admirable force in 2004 when back to back hurricanes hit Haywood County. They helped staff the recovery center in Clyde and insisted on doing much more. Partnering with Clyde, Haywood County, and the USDA, Mountain Projects was able to develop the Barefoot Ridge subdivision of 36 homes.

Western North Carolina has a higher than average percentage of the population that are cost-burdened; families who currently pay more than 30% of their income for housing expenses. Through Mountain Projects’ work with Section 8 Housing programs, rental assistance can be provided to low-income families, the disabled, and the elderly.

Mountain Projects works with pre-existing homes by providing necessary renovations, replacing/repairing appliances, and installing modifications. These steps are quickly taken to allow for clients to continue living in their own home as opposed to institutionalization. The Urgent Repair Program is designed to assist in the event of a sudden financial disaster due to an unsafe situation. This may include, but is not limited to, repairing leaking roofs, water damage, hazardous electrical, and deteriorating ramps or steps. This program provides a financial safety net, protecting the client’s peace of mind.

Our Next Chapter

The Smoky Mountain Housing Partnership, SMHP was formed in 2019 as the Affordable Housing Division of Mountain Projects. To further help, SMHP is vigorously addressing the desperate need for entry-level home ownership and affordable housing, as well as continuing the already successful programs in place. Plans to build a micro-community and workforce housing on Jonathan Creek in Haywood County are well underway. Additionally, SMHP currently offers the “Self-Help” program where applicants take on an active role in the construction process of their home under the careful guidance of a certified supervisor.

SMHP understands the rising costs of homeownership in Western North Carolina. It is our promise to continue being a proactive force in the pursuit to provide each resident with a sanitary, affordable, and safe place to call home.