Planned Giving


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Planned Giving

There is another way for you to express your commitment to the goals of SMHP of helping others achieve the American dream and that is through planned giving.  Be it through inclusion in your will, making a gift of stock or property, or designating SHMP in your charitable foundation plans, your support will help guarantee the future of this program.

Planned giving opportunities include: 

  • Planned Giving
  • Deferred Giving
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Gift Annuity Agreements
  • Pooled Income Funds
  • 401K’s
  • Real estate
  • Collections 

A lawyer and tax accountant can walk you through the implications of the best decision for the interest of your estate and your legacy.

To learn more about SMHP and bequests, please contact Patsy Davis at 828-452-1447 or