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Smoky Mountain Housing Partnership

In September of 2019, Housing Specialist Oscar Vazquez learned of a situation where one of our Section 8 clients was soon to lose her apartment.  Her residence building had been sold, and all tenants were asked to leave with very short notice.  As Ms. Killian had no family nearby to help her, the staff at Mountain Projects sprang into action!

Holly Crawford and Oscar loaded up all of Ms. Killian belongings, storing them temporarily. And, with the help of funds raised by the Mountain Projects Auxiliary, they were able to safely settle Ms. Killian in a hotel with her dog (a part of Ms. Killian’s family). Oscar immediately went about finding Ms. Killian a new place to live.  His neighbor had some rental efficiency apartments and luckily, one was available.  He was able to move Ms. Killian into her new residence within just a couple of days.

Oscar recalls, “I kept imagining my mother in this situation, and it was just the right thing to do.” As a new neighbor, Oscar continues providing Ms. Killian with ongoing support. He keeps in touch regularly, recently helping her with cable and replacing her car battery. He truly goes above and beyond for his clients!

Ms. Killian

“About 4-months ago I experienced awful circumstances and was given an eviction notice to vacate my home. I presented the situation to Mountain Projects in hopes they would be of some help. Fortunately, Mountain Projects took quick action and did not spare any and all resources to place me in temporary housing until a more permanent residency was established. I thank Mountain Projects for their tireless efforts and resources for helping me through a tough time. I will forever be grateful and thankful.”


Ms. Killian


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