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Smoky Mountain Housing Partnership

The Mountaineer, by Harrison Dykes

The dream of homeownership today is too often just that, a dream. Mountain Projects is seeking to change the conversation around affordable housing, turning these dreams into a reality! The Mountain Projects self-help program requires applicants to get involved in the construction process of their home. In so doing, the cost is dramatically reduced, as each family also builds equity on their home before even moving in.

Mr. & Mrs. Blaylock applied for the Mountain Projects “sweat equity” program after their marriage in 2005. With the help of five other families, the Blaylocks’ put up the framing and roof of six houses in their neighborhood, including their own. Under the ever-watchful eyes of professional construction managers, these families were able to create their dream together. “It’s not a scary or intimidating process at all and you are helped and encouraged every step of the way”, explains Mr. Blaylock, who still resides in the neighborhood with three of the original families.  The Blaylocks’ estimate around $40,000 was saved by their efforts, lowering the amount of their initial mortgage. Mrs. Blaylock would leave work in the mid-afternoon throughout the week and head straight to their job site; Saturdays were big building days for all participating families.

In the end, the Blaylocks’ could not have been happier with their experience, often recommending it to friends and co-workers. “They really are affordable,” stresses Ms. Blaylock. “We really have no idea where we would be living now if it were not for this program. Owning our own home would still just be a dream.” The Blaylock’s are just one of many successful Mountain Projects families who want everyone to experience home for themselves.

Apply today and let Mountain Projects help you pour the foundation for your family’s dreams too!


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